CNBC's built-in advantage against Fox Business Network

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3 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    All the rumors about the Ambac bailout by CNBC were false. Fox has been reporting on it and had a trader on the floor talking about how it disrupted the markets, hurting the retail investors with these quick 200+ point afternoon run-ups.

  2. Duffy says:

    Has anyone pointed out that with all this so-called advantage the report you write about was actually wrong and people lost lots of money? there was no consortium of banks or 2.5 b deal. where’s the advantage in that

  3. Chris Roush says:

    The advantage I was referring to was their ability to walk around on the NYSE floor and their ability to put a lot of reporters on a topic, not the accuracy of Gasparino’s reporting, which obviously was wrong.

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