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CNBC’s Bain story may have been correct after all

January 18, 2012

Posted by Chris Roush

Chris Ariens of TVNewser reports that a CNBC story last week connecting Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s former consulting firm to the government’s bailout of the auto industry may have been correct after all.

The story was pulled late last week after Bain & Co. said it had no connection to the Bain Consulting mentioned in a government report.

Ariens writes, “But as it turns out, the government documents may have been wrong, which would make Javers’ reporting right. BI reported Friday night:

When we contacted the Treasury, they said that the report was hastily written and that they were, in fact, referring to Bain and Company of Mitt Romney fame. So according to the Treasury, they did talk to Bain and Company…

“A CNBC source tells TVNewser Bain & Company has not yet called Javers back.

“But for now, the story remains off CNBC.com, with the site’s managing editor writing on Sunday, ‘We did some subsequent investigation which revealed that the story may not have been entirely wrong after all,’ but adding that Javers’ story, ‘suggested a much stronger tie than was the case.'”

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