CNBC to start biz channel in Africa

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  1. Vernon Matzopoulos says:

    Let’s hope CNBC Africa’s reporting will be more accurate than its press release. Chris is spot on — Summit TV has been broadcasting business and markets news across Southern Africa since 1999, on the continent’s dominant satellite platform Multichoice. A fact that CNBC Africa is fully aware of.

  2. Mbuso says:

    Dear Editor
    As a South African and African, I welcome the news that CNBC will be bringing business news to Africa from an African perspective. This is long overdue. The existance of other TV channels doing the same thing- has not leaved up to expectations. That Africa is still regarded as informal when it comes to business is a case in point. I hope that CNBC will work hard in making sure that people of the world change their perceptions about African Business. With time, I wish that the six hours they want to dedicate to African content can be dedicated on the 24 hours of airtime they want to use to broadcast. Whichever information that will be aired on this new venture, should be used to inform rather than to indocrinate the African mind. Once again, I welcome CNBC and may their stay in Africa be pleasant . I look forward to formal business news that provide insight and high level of content.

  3. momolicious says:

    Hello Editor,

    Perhaps you know where to find these CNBC Africa people. They certainly are illusive.

    Presuming that you do know where to find them, please tell them to do two things: have african anchors that are not the usual crew we see on TV and that they must not bring African American image stereotypes here coz they will piss us off. Secondly, divorce themselves from the Summit TV model which is elitist. Summit broadcasts on a platform that is not accessible to many which won’t do their aim to increase the number of viewers. Fresh faces, original african faces (not confused horse-hair toting barbies)

  4. Zakithi says:

    Welcome To South Africa!!

    A broadcasting station of CNBC’s caliber is greatly apprieciated in Africa. We hope that they will be reporting honestly and accurately about Africa and not spread American propaganda.

    We hope they won’t use anchors we are already seeing on other broadcasting channels around SA. We hope to see new faces and concepts. Also it will be great to see if they dig up African content prgrammes and Locally produced Material.

  5. James says:

    the truth is that every one will think different

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