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Cavuto's show ignoring the Enron trial

March 4, 2006

That’s the conclusion of News Hounds, a blog that criticizes Fox TV shows. It notes that the trial of former Enron executives Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling is being virtually ignored.

Ken LayThe blog writes, “Instead of taking a peek at the trial, Cavuto offered more than five minutes of discussion with two comely blondes who have formed a group to bring strippers to Jesus. The lengthy interview was paired with split-screen images of strippers in action. Its relevance to a business show was never explained, although the word ‘financial’ did come up once. One of the blondes said that the industry often is a ‘financial trap’ for ‘the girls’ and so many cannot just quit their jobs on the spot.

“Fox News’ black-out of news on the Enron trial stands in stark contrast to its saturation coverage given the 2004 trial of Martha Stewart, who was convicted on a much less serious charge in a matter that produced no measurable harm to anyone. During the Stewart trial, Fox News offered updates throughout the day of the trial, from beginning to end, with additional segments of speculation about the effect of the trial on Wall Street and whatever else its reporters and producers could dream up.

“Yet with Enron, Cavuto has not even told us of Lay’s financial problems, how Enron lobbyists worked to prolong the energy crisis in California, or followed up with interviews with former Enron employees who are watching the trial and asking what they are feeling.”

Read the post here.

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