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Business TV losing viewers because it fails to address their issues

August 30, 2013

Posted by Chris Roush

Chuck Epstein of MutualFundReform.com has a theory about why business news networks are seeing a decline in viewership.

Epstein writes, “While there are many possible explanations for these declines, three of the better ones address critical issues many of these major on-air programs have conspicuously failed to address:

“–The failure to discuss why trillions in wealth that has been destroyed in the 2008 recession;

“–The rigid adherence of some personalities, such as Larry Kudlow and others, to the free market doctrine that unbridled, unregulated capitalism is the best way to create wealth;

“–That the mass audience of middle-class Americans has lost not only  their wealth, but their faith in the system’s ability to re-create their lost wealth through investing in either financial instruments and real estate.

“This last possibility indicates that the American Dream, which is after all what the financial TV programs implicitly promote, is not working today for millions of potential viewers.”

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