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Blogging vs. writing for the mainstream

January 15, 2010

Miguel Barbosa of GuruFocus.com interviewed Justin Fox, the economics and business columnist for Time magazine, about economic theory and writing about economics, as well as how he tries to explain what’s going on in the economy.

Here is an excerpt:

Let’s talk about your top blog, “The Curious Capitalist.” How do you balance being a journalist and a blogger? What do you enjoy?

The main thing I enjoy is the freedom. My blog is much more ‘highbrow’ than my column. When I write for the magazine [TIME], it’s going to be in the dentist’s office. I had an interesting experience during a cross country trip where many of my cousins would tell that they read my column, but couldn’t understand the material. I found it interesting that intelligent people who didn’t follow the business would find it so hard to follow. So my blog is targeted towards more sophisticated readership and I can explain things via comments. It’s much easier to write the blog. The thing I hate about the blogs is the relentlessness of it. I was spoiled when I left newspapers and went to Fortune by not having to write as often.

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