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Big Money launch makes sense, but won't cover personal finance

September 15, 2008

Former newspaper editor Ken Doctor examines the launch of Slate’s Big Money business news site, run by editor James Ledbetter, and argues that it makes sense for a variety of reasons.

James LedbetterDoctor writes, “Other than the social stock index, what you won’t see is one staple of every other business site –- personal finance.  Per Fi usually brings in lots of (now nervous) readers and advertisers intending to reach them.

“‘There’s a kind of dishonesty behind it, [per fi]’ says Ledbetter. ‘If everyone can get rich, they would.’

“I wish The Big Money luck. Smart people’s lack of business understanding drives me nuts. In addition, there is a certain sameness to most of the business coverage out there, and the web’s not supposed to be boring. I think it’s kind of a small start, though, especially in light of how the big boys are ramping up. With expansion, I’d like to see such additions as Slate V (an ONA finalist) for Business, with business video ripe for satire. Or Mark Fiore-like interactive cartoons.

“And lots more blogs, widening coverage areas within the site’s spirit. And, lastly, it wouldn’t be bad to take on such data-rich projects as the Credit Crisis, the Sub-Prime Meltdown or the decade’s Transfer of Wealth, stories just waiting to be told, with interactive web tools a great aid in storytelling.”

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