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Be a business journalist, not a political blowhard

August 29, 2012

Posted by Chris Roush

Doug Kass writes on Real Money, an online publication of TheStreet.com, about how some business journalists have turned into political commentators.

Kass writes, “I have very strongly held political beliefs, but I feel as strongly that my platform in my diary on Real Money Pro is an inappropriate forum for me to deliver and voice my views.”

He later notes that business journalists should follow the model set forth by broadcaster Marty Glickman, formerly the voice of the Knicks and Giants:

“Glickman emphasized that the most important roles of a broadcaster were to repeatedly tell the score and to visually and lucidly describe the game’s plays and action. A good broadcaster, he said, doesn’t coach; he lets the game tell the story.

I bring this up, in part, because some of the business media has and will continue to voice their political views, and similar to my political views, no one should be interested in their political stands and/or opinions.”

Read more here. A subscription to Real Money is required.

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