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Bartiromo explains why her coverage is more political

July 10, 2018

Posted by Chris Roush

Maria Bartiromo

Brian Braiker of Ad Age interviewed Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo about how her coverage has become more political.

Here is an excerpt:

Is it fair to characterize you as being slightly more political or politicized in your coverage than you were at CNBC?

Well, no. I definitely have stretched myself in terms of educating myself on what’s going on today. I don’t think I had an opportunity to study those things at CNBC. I was studying the stock market, balance sheets, corporations. It wasn’t important at the time to study policy. Today it’s the No. 1 factor driving markets. Most people don’t realize how impactful policy is. I didn’t know that initially.

Hear me out for a second. I started at CNBC in 1993. We had this empowerment of the individual investor. Then you had the dot-com boom and you had fundamentals out the window. Then you had the dot-com bust at the end of the ’90s. Then, of course, Sept. 11 and the global bust, and you had this incredible debt storm taking over. Then you had the housing boom because we just assumed housing prices were going to go up, until they didn’t, and then we had a housing bust. So you had all of these cycles dictating market performance. You did not hear me say Washington, because it wasn’t really a factor.

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