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Ask Talking Biz News…about covering foreclosures

October 4, 2010

Here is the second installment of Talking Biz News’ weekly feature where it answers a question from a business journalist about a coverage or reporting issue.

Here is this week’s question:

I’m pretty good at ferreting out bank deals and going through the income statements of banks, but here’s where my somewhat limited experience in business reporting is tripping me up. I’ve gotten a few emails since I joined the [daily paper] from readers claiming improper actions by the banks in foreclosing property. Some are homeowners, others are developers like the email below. And I’m wondering how you might approach this. [My previous business reporting job] had little appetite for such stories. When there’s no legal action yet involved, I’m not sure how to go after this.

Talking Biz News responded:

I could see you writing a broader story about foreclosure efforts throughout the area and using this as an example of what might happen to someone. Foreclosures are obviously a major issue for a lot of people given the current economy. Approach it from the perspective of whether the banks have changed their foreclosure standards — are they more lenient or less lenient? I bet you’d fine some of both, which probably frustrates the market to no end. Hope that helps.

If you’ve got a business reporting question you’d like to pose to Talking Biz News, send an e-mail to croush@email.unc.edu.

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