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Any biz desks considering dropping Bloomberg terminal and wire?

January 19, 2009

A business journalist at one of the top 100 daily newspapers in the country e-mailed Talking Biz News on Monday and asked whether any other metro dailies have cut their Bloomberg News service in a cost-cutting mode.

This journalist, who asked to remain unnamed, said her paper is looking at ways to further cut costs, and this move is on the table.

The journalist wrote, “We’ve had Bloomberg terminals as long as I’ve worked at the paper, and we rely on them heavily to track our dozens of small local publicly traded companies as well as larger corporations both based here and with major operations here. We also publish a [Bloomberg] index of stocks that have an impact on the local economy.”

The journalist later added, “The business reporters were asked if we had any ideas of how we could make up the gap and find the information if the Bloomberg terminals are taken away and the service is cancelled. This has not happened yet, but seems extremely likely.”

If you have made this move, please post a reply so this journalist can read it to see how you coped and found the Bloomberg terminal information elsewhere. Of if you considered this move, but did not drop the Bloomberg service, please post about how your paper arrived at that decision.

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