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Airline complaints down; Network complaints about airlines up

April 3, 2007

Posted by Chris Roush

The Business & Media Institute’s Dan Gainor notes that while complaints about airlines from customers are down, the two major television networks have uppsed their criticism of the airline industry.

Airline complaintsGainor wrote, “Customer complaints are down about air travel, but you’d never know it watching either CBS or NBC. Both networks had reports about a new study that says ‘what a lot of frequent flyers already know – it has gotten worse,’ said NBC anchor Brian Williams.

“Both reports then went into detail about declining arrival times (comparing February 2007 with the same month in 2006), and emphasized how bad things must be for travelers. ‘Just when it seemed it could not get any worse, proof today that it has,’ claimed NBC’s Trish Regan.”Buried in both reports, however, was an interesting high note: airline customer complaints are actually down. ‘United and U.S. Airways had the highest rate of complaints, which were down overall. Some experts say passengers are getting used to bad service,’ said Regan.”

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