ACBJ institutes pay freeze, cuts salaries by 5 percent

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  1. KingFriday says:

    “cushion the impact of the slowdown as much as possible without harming the quality of our publications, online activities and other services.” Yeah, cutting people’s pay is bound to only improve things. I can’t belive the bull so many newspapers are pedaling these days while they throw out their main resource and expect the few left behind to kill themselves. Well, the public (readers) notice. My local paper barely has any content, what’s there is riddled with typos, errors and rough, dull design. It’s not even thick enough any more to wrap a fish, line a bird cage or keep paint off the floor. You would expect people who have supposedly promoted themselves as the truthspeakers to not insult our intelligence with this “we will emerge stronger” crap. How, by rehiring all the people, by giving backpay for the freezes and pay cuts? No better than Bernie Maddoff or the smart guys at Enron.

  2. unnamed says:

    I was a reporter for an ACBJ paper for five years and I can’t say I’m surprised by this. When your revenue is driven by advertising – especially commercial real estate and banking – you’re going to get hit by the recession. I left for more money at a related kind of company when the economy was roaring. I’d hate to see the pay now following Ray’s cuts. More worrisome, I don’t like the fact that they’re going with more a skeleton crew at the local paper where I used to work, putting out slop when good meaty stories aren’t THAT hard to find. Then again, there is a kind of groupthink when it comes to ACBJ story strategies that make one paper indistinguishable from the next. Maybe they like putting out boring papers.

  1. May 5, 2009

    […] off staff. Last Wednesday, Ray Shaw, chairman of American City Business Journals, told employees via an internal memo that the national chain of 40 business papers would be cutting pay by five percent for employees […]

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