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ABC's Golodryga will keep covering economy despite love life

January 18, 2010

Felix Gillette of the New York Observer reports that ABC News economics correspondent Bianna Golodryga will keep covering that beat, her bosses have decided, despite her engagement to White House top economic adviser Peter Orszag.

Gillette writes, “Since joining ABC News from CNBC in 2007, Ms. Golodryga has covered a wide range of financial issues, including certain topics, went the theory, such as government job reports and housing numbers that are regularly used to gauge the relative success or failure of the president’s economic policies — policies that, since January of this year, have been shaped in part by Ms. Golodryga’s fiancé.

“Would ABC reassign Ms. Golodryga?

“Short answer: no. According to ABC’s Mr. Schneider, Ms. Golodryga will continue to cover economic issues in New York. ‘We are certainly hyper-aware that there could be the perception of a conflict of interest,’ said Mr. Schneider. ‘It is something that our executives and producers are all aware of. Bianna would be the first person to turn down an assignment if there was potential for any conflict.

“‘Broadcast journalism is a very collaborative process,’ he added. ‘Bianna is never in the position of being the sole editor of the work that goes on here. There are many checks in place. And our standards-and-practices senior vice president pays close attention. We have plenty of aggressive reporters covering the administration, covering the budget. We hired Bianna because of her expertise in financial reporting.'”

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