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April 23, 2009

Fox Business Network anchor Neil Cavuto talked to Malcolm Maclachlan of Capitol Weekly in California recently about the TV business network and its coverage.

Here is an excerpt:

Tell me more about Fox Business. You guys started in Oct. 2007, about the time the economy started to sour.

We picked a fine time to start a business network, you’re right. But if you look at some of our biggest and most promising companies, they’re always started seemingly in very tough times, if not,  in outright recessions. Microsoft, Apple, Google. So something maybe happens in desperate times to get people to be more innovative.

I think that there is a market out there for business news that is presented in a friendly and engaging manner, without speaking over their heads. I’ve long argued that there are a lot of folks who share the American dream but are intimidated by what they think are the means to get there, the words, jargon and language that sometimes are equated with getting there. Having worked at CNBC myself and at the Nightly Business Report on PBS before that, I knew all the jargon. But I always felt very strongly that when it came to coverage, the issues aren’t impressing your broker or your banker friends, it’s impressing just regular folks. If they get it, they get a step closer to realizing the American dream.

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