WaPo’s Singletary to receive NABJ’s Legacy Award

Washington Post business editor Lori Montgomery sent out the following: Congratulations to personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary, who was recognized Friday with the Legacy Award from the National Association of Black Journalists. The Legacy Award is a special honor awarded to a Black print, broadcast, digital, or photo journalist of extraordinary accomplishment who has broken barriers and […]

Washington Post hires Quartz’s Coren to write climate column

Washington Post climate & environment editor Zachary Goldfarb and climate & environment deputy editor Juliet Eilperin sent out the following on Monday: We’re pleased to announce Michael Coren is joining The Post as the writer of “Climate Coach,” a new column and newsletter that will help readers navigate the choices they face when seeking to […]

Launcher (Washington Post) is looking for game writers

Any freelance video game journalists out there playing V Rising and have some hot takes to share? Pitch Launcher! ABOUT THE COMPANY Launcher is a section at the Washington Post that is dedicated to video gaming, esports competitions and gaming culture. Launcher features insightful analysis into the people, companies, teams and trends that comprise an […]

The Washington Post is looking for writers

The Washington Post is looking for diverse perspectives on ALL kinds of topics in February and the other 11 months of the year. ABOUT THE COMPANY The Washington Post is a news leader whose mission is to connect, inform, and enlighten local, national and global readers with trustworthy reporting, in-depth analysis and engaging opinions. Washington […]

Washington Post hires WSJ’s Dou to cover China biz and technology

Washington Post foreign editor Douglas Jehl, deputy foreign editor Eva Rodriguez and Asia editor David Crawshaw sent out the following announcement on Monday: We’re very pleased to announce that Eva Dou will join The Post as a China correspondent, with a focus on business and technology. This is a new position, part of our international […]

Washington Post seeks tech breaking news reporter

The Washington Post is seeking a technology writer who will cover breaking news and write analysis about the biggest and most interesting tech stories. This reporter, who will be based in our San Francisco bureau, will play a critical role in our strategy for aggressive and insightful coverage of technology. We are looking for a […]

Englund named Washington Post energy reporter

Washington Post business editor David Cho and deputy business editor Zachary Goldfarb sent out the following announcement on Thursday: We are thrilled to announce Will Englund will become the new energy reporter in Business. He will be tasked with crafting enterprise and accountability stories on a beat that ranges from the oil fields of Saudi […]

Washington Post hires national transportation reporter

Washington Post local editor Mike Semel, deputy local editor Monica Norton and transportation/development editor Victoria Benning sent out the following announcement on Thursday: We are thrilled to announce that Ian Duncan will be joining The Post as our national transportation writer, joining Michael Laris on this crucial beat. Ian will focus his considerable talent for […]

Washington Post reports 18.4 percent increase in visitors to site in August

The Washington Post has reported that more than 92 million people visited its site in August of this year. This marks an 18.4 percent increase in visitors to The Post year over year, according to Comscore. The number of people who visited the site using a mobile device also grew by 24.1 percent over that period. […]

Twenty journalism jobs lost with closing of Washington Post’s Express

More journalism jobs are being lost with the decline in print advertising and the switch to digital platforms, this time with the closing of the Washington Post’s free daily commuter paper, Express. Twenty reporters got the bad news yesterday. The final edition of the Express will be published Thursday. Express,a quick-read newspaper in a smaller […]