Economist claims 5.3 million readers each week

The Economist now claims to reach some 5.3 million readers a week, writes Dominic Ponsford of The Press Gazette. Ponsford writes, “The figure has been arrived at after combining its total weekly print and digital readership totals and then taking out overlaps. The methodology has been rubberstamped by PricewaterhouseCoopers and involves combining data from ABC, […]

Why are there no bylines in The Economist?

The Economist has a post explaining why it does not use bylines. It writes, “Part of the answer is that The Economist is maintaining a historical tradition that other publications have abandoned. Leaders are often unsigned in newspapers, but everywhere else there has been rampant byline inflation (to the extent that some papers run picture […]

Economist celebrates 170 years, explains why it’s a “newspaper”

The Economist is celebrating its 170th birthday on Monday, and it writes why it still calls itself a newspaper even though it looks like a magazine. The Economist writes, “In August 1843 when James Wilson, a Scottish hatmaker, published the prospectus for The Economist, a new periodical he planned to launch, he described it as […]

Economist Group names new CEO

The Economist Group has promoted Chris Stibbs, its finance director, to the position of chief executive, ahead of the departure of Andrew Rashbass, reports Maisie McCabe of MediaWeek. McCabe writes, “Stibbs, who currently also holds the role of managing director of the Economist Intelligence Unit, will take up the position of chief executive on 18 […]

Economist aims for college-connected readers

The Economist has begun an advertising campaign to lure more readers based on college campuses — students, professors and researchers — reports Stuart Elliott of The New York Times. Elliott writes, “An effort that is to begin on Monday will carry the theme ‘Dare 2 Go Deep With The Economist’ – the numeral, presumably, echoing […]

Most biz magazines post decline in ad revenue, ad pages

Most of the large business magazines posted a decline in advertising revenue during the first three months of the year, while the overall magazine industry had a small increase in ad money. Leading the decline was Bloomberg Businessweek, which had a 30.2 percent drop in ad revenue to $35.4 million, according to data released by […]

Economist accused of contempt in Bangladesh

A Bangladesh war crimes tribunal has accused The Economist of hacking the computer of its presiding judge to record conversations and read emails he exchanged with a lawyer. The Associated Press writes, “The magazine did not directly address the charges, but said it is in possession of conversations and documents that raise serious questions about […]

The inside story on business reporting

John Wihbey of The Journalist’s Resource recently spoke with Greg Ip, the U.S. economics editor of The Economist, about his job. Here is an excerpt: JR: What are some pitfalls that young economics reporters should watch out for? Greg Ip: Let cover a few things that are especially important for journalists. Number one is the […]

The secret to the Economist’s success

John Micklethwait, editor-in-chief of The Economist, spoke on NPR’s “The Diane Rehm Show”, along with Stephen Shepard, dean of the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism and former senior editor at Newsweek and BusinessWeek. Here are some highlights from the interview: – The conventional thinking seems to be that in the age of the […]

The business media needs to improve its Twitter use

The business media use Twitter as a promotional tool and are not building an online community, according to research presented Friday by two Virginia Commonwealth University professors. Vivian Medina-Messner and Marcus Messner found that the top business media outlets need to use Twitter as an online social network, not just another publication platform. “More attention […]