Texas Monthly makes two editorial hires

Texas Monthly has welcomed Allegra Hobbs as senior news and politics editor and Owen Schwartzbard as senior video producer. In her new role, Hobbs will work with senior editor Ben Rowen to assign and edit digital-first stories and a monthly print column about news and politics. Recently, she served as managing editor of The Big […]

Texas Monthly seeks an editorial coordinator

Texas Monthly is looking to hire an editorial coordinator who will report to, and work closely with, the assistant managing editor. The editorial coordinator will be responsible for the administrative tasks that are central to the operations of the editorial department, as well as editorial tasks that align with the coordinator’s journalistic interests and/or the needs […]

Texas Monthly seeks a videographer

Texas Monthly is seeking a full-time staff videographer to create and edit video features spanning a wide range of storytelling styles, from short-form documentary, cooking videos, hosted travelogs, and more. Projects are inclusive of the Texas Monthly and Texas Country Reporter brands, plus occasional projects for external clients through Texas Monthly Studio. This role exists within the video department of the […]

Texas Monthly seeks a news & politics writer

Texas Monthly is hiring a full-time staff writer to cover state politics and policy. Rather than focus on incremental or breaking-news coverage, Texas Monthly’s news and politics coverage aims to create narratives and commentaries that are vivid and memorable, and shed original light on current affairs and raging Texas debates, with a literary flair—humor, wit, and distinctive […]

Texas Monthly reporter Hooks goes freelance

Christopher Hooks, a reporter at Texas Monthly has left to go freelance. Hooks joined Texas Monthly in 2020. He has written about Texas since 2013. His work has appeared in the Atlantic, Gawker, GQ, Rolling Stone, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Texas Observer, and the Washington Post.

Texas Monthly is looking for writers

Texas Monthly is looking for a freelance writer who can report and write two articles a month on medical and health care issues across the Lone Star State. We seek stories both about groundbreaking innovations and the persistent problems plaguing these fields. Beyond merely reporting the latest news, this coverage will focus on narratives and […]