Fake Smithfield CEO appears on Fox Business

An animal rights activist posing as the chief executive officer of Smithfield Foods was interviewed on the air by Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo, reports Erik Wemple of The Washington Post. Wemple reports, “In this case, the accusation is coming from Smithfield Foods: ‘FOX Business aired a segment that was a complete hoax,’ said Smithfield Chief Administrative […]

LA Times: Bartiromo losing the respect of other journalists

Stephen Battaglio of the Los Angeles Times also explores how Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo has been covering the false claims by President Donald Trump that the election was rigged. Battaglio reports, “But lately Bartiromo’s former colleagues — many of whom admire her reporting skills and tireless work ethic — are wondering why she allowed her programs to […]

What happened to Maria Bartiromo?

Sarah Ellison of The Washington Post writes about the transformation of Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo, who has become an advocate for President Donald Trump. Ellison writes, “Like many Trump allies, she speaks as though the fact the investigation led to no criminal charges against the president means the entire enterprise was bogus from the outset. Mueller […]

How Bartiromo juggles the balls in the air

“She Said/She Said” podcast host Laura Cox Kaplan spoke with Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business about her career and her schedule. Bartiromo appears on the air three hours each morning and then an additional two hours on the weekend. “I know I have a lot of balls in the air,” said Bartiromo. “But if you […]

Bartiromo to celebrate 25th anniversary of reporting from NYSE floor

Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo will celebrate the 25th anniversary of her being the first journalist to report from the New York Stock Exchange floor on Tuesday. Sara Nathan of the New York Post reports, “The Fox Business vet was the first to go to Wall Street to report on TV when she was only 27 in 1995. […]

How Bartiromo got her start in business journalism

Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo spoke with the Advertising Week podcast “Great Minds” about her career and how she got her start. “When I went to CNN, it wasn’t union like the networks were, so I was able to do everything,” said Bartiromo. “The business television industry was truly in its infancy,” she recalled. She worked at […]

Fox Business anchor Bartiromo on her experience covering a crisis

Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo spoke with Dean Rotbart as part of the Business News Luminaries series recognizing those who have had a significant impact on business journalism in the 21st century. Bartiromo spoke about covering previous crises and how that helped her in the current pandemic. “I’m reporting the facts. I’m trying to […]

Education secretary promised easy interview with Bartiromo

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was promised an “easy” interview with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo if she appeared, according to a story from Hollywood Reporter staffer Jeremy Barr. Barr reports, “So much so that one Fox News producer sought to reassure Devos’ press secretary that host Maria Bartiromo would go easy on the Secretary […]

Bartiromo: I’m not ready to retire

Alessandra Malito of MarketWatch.com interviewed Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo about her job. Here is an excerpt: MW: What does retirement mean to you? What do you envision retirement even being for yourself? Bartiromo: I don’t know because I’m nowhere near it. I know in my frame of mind right now, I’m not going to go hit the […]

Fox Business signs Bartiromo to multi-year deal

Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo has signed a new multi-year deal with the business news channel. Terms were not disclosed. Joseph A. Wulfson of Fox Business writes, “‘Maria Bartiromo has been a pioneer in business journalism for 30 years. As the first journalist to report live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, she has […]