Insider trading scandal at Japanese biz paper

Prosecutors arrested an employee of Japan’s largest daily business newspaper Tuesday over alleged insider trading, according to an Associated Press story. Kazumasa Sasahara, an advertising employee at the Nihon Keizai Shimbun’s Tokyo head office, is suspected of using information from legal notices submitted to the paper to make investment decisions, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors […]

Fuchs: Business press still doesn't have a good handle on Bernanke

The’s Marek Fuchs argues in his Saturday column that the business media still doesn’t know how to properly cover new Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, who took over for Alan Greenspan earlier this year. Fuchs wrote, “After all, as usual with the business media, (mis)perceptions have been swinging wildly between the two extremes. “In the […]

Fine: WSJ ads on front page are not that bad

BusinessWeek’s Jon Fine, who writes a blog on the media, makes a pretty good historical argument that the Wall Street Journal’s decision earlier this week to begin selling ads on its front page isn’t all that heretical as many journalists are making it out to be. Fine wrote, “It’s worth remembering whenever journos pull out […]

Chicago papers taken in by United ploy

Steve Rhodes of The Beachwood Reporter noted that this past weekend’s coverage in the Chicago papers of United Airlines’ choice of picking the Windy City over Denver and San Francisco as the site of its new headquarters was duped by the airline into thinking that the other two candidates were serious contenders. Rhodes wrote, “The […]

Wacky reason from Cavuto why market is falling

The News Hounds blog critiques Neil Cavuto of Fox News early and often, and I sometimes don’t pay much attention to it, but the latest is a good analysis of his commentary on the stock market. News Hounds writes, “Only weeks ago, Fox’s business guy, Neil Cavuto, the head of Fox’s business news department and […]

Kernen's joke on CNBC fell flat

The New York Daily News is reporting that a joke CNBC anchor Joe Kernan made on Monday to discuss how much money the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie brought in fell flat with some people. Reporter Richard Huff noted, “Fact was blended with fiction Monday morning on CNBC. That’s when CNBC anchor Joe Kernen […]

Q&A with ShareSleuth head Carey

Former St. Louis Post-Dispatch business reporter Christopher Carey, who left the paper earlier this month to start a web site called to write about companies that is being funded by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, was interviewed on the Media Orchard site about the new venture. Among other things, Carey said that he has […]

Financial media's goals conflict with investor interest

Martin Krikorian, president of Capital Wealth Management, writes in the Sunday Lowell Sun of Massachusetts that the financial media’s goals conflict with those of investors. Krikorian writes, “much of the financial media also operates with an agenda that may not be in the best interest of investors. The media has one primary goal: to attract […]

Santa Barbara biz editor among those quitting paper

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that five editors, including the business editor, and a columnist have quit the Santa Barbara News-Press due to meddling by Wendy McCaw, the paper’s owner, in the editorial content. James Rainey reported that business editor Michael Todd was among those leaving the paper. Rainey reported, “The Santa Barbara News-Press, […]

Fourth of July fireworks on the Internet

Weird goings on over at the blog run by financial journalist Gary Weiss, the author of Wall Street vs. America, where Gary and Mark Mitchell, the assistant managing editor of Columbia Journalism Review Daily, have been trying to knock each other down for the past few days and have continued today with several postings about […]