Ad Age editor Donaton loves NYPost biz section

Advertising Age editor Scott Donaton praised the New York Post’s business section in a column posted on the publication’s web site on Sunday, noting that it operates distinctly from the rest of the newspaper and writes about stories that are later covered by other media. Donaton wrote, “I’m talking here specifically about the paper’s business […]

Globe may join NYTimes in selling ads on biz section front

The Boston Globe is considering selling ads on the front page of its business section, according to an article in the Saturday Boston Herald, in a move that would mirror a decision made by its parent newspaper, The New Yoek Times, which announced earlier this week it would sell ads on the front page of […]

The advantages of Cuban's ShareSleuth web site

University of Illinois law profesor Larry Ribstein writes that there are advantages to the concept of having billionaire Mark Cuban invest in the stocks that business journalists will write about on the investigative journalism web site that he is funding. Ribstein wrote, “There is a particular advantage in combining short-selling with journalism. The seller’s […]

Does this BusinessWeek cover rip off Seattle Weekly?

I will let you decide: Scary in their similarity. A photographer for the Richmond Times-Dispatch was fired recently for staging a photo that was similar to one used in another publication. Is this any different? BusinessWeek editor Stephen Adler stated on Romenesko that he wrote the cover headline, and he was unaware of the Seattle […]

NY Times to run ads on the front of Biz section

The New York Times will begin selling ads that will appear on the front of its business section, Times’ reporter Katherine Seelye noted in a Wednesday story. An announcement was made by executive editor Bill Keller in the newsroom on Tuesday. Seelye wrote, “The ads are expected to sell at a premium rate because of […]

The ethics of

BusinessWeek Online reporter Marc Hogan takes a hard look at, the new investigative business journalism web site being started by former St. Louis Post-Dispatch business reporter Christopher Carey and being funded by billionaire Mark Cuban. The ethics of the web site, which is not yet up and running but has generated interest this week […]

A time bomb waiting to happen?

Former BusinessWeek reporter Gary Weiss, who has covered his fair share of Wall Street scandals and uncovered a number of crooked companies, has a problem with the idea that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is going to invest in the companies that departing St. Louis Post-Dispatch business reporter Christopher Carey is going to write about […]

Boeing employees fired for alleged leak to Seattle Times

Aerospace giant Boeing has fired an employee suspected of leaking internal documents to a business reporter at the Seattle Times who has used the information to write stories about the company, according to the Seattle Weekly. Chuck Taylor wrote, “Why are two daily newspapers better than one? Because had The Seattle Times been our only […]

Be patient with Cramer stock picks

In an interview with the Associated Press, “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer advises his watchers to be patient with the stock picks from his show. Cramer told The Associated Press he repeatedly warns his audience to steer clear of after-hours trading, when he says buyers outnumber sellers, making it easier to get burned. “The takeaway […]

Media acquitted with Enron verdict

The Houston Chronicle’s Rick Casey has a nice front-page column in Friday noting that the Enron jury found the business media, who had been blamed by defendants Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling of causing the company’s downfall, not guilty. But the media, he notes, was guilt of writing overly positive stories about Enron. Casey writes, […]