BusinessWeek staffers say goodbye

A number of BusinessWeek staff members who were let go as part of the magazine’s acquisition by Bloomberg LP took to the blogosphere on Tuesday to say goodbye to readers. Senior writer Steve Baker wrote, “My career at BusinessWeek, which wraps up tomorrow, was an education. I’d start ignorant, and then learn on the job […]

Bloomberg completes deal for BusinessWeek

Bloomberg LP announced Tuesday afternoon that it has completed its acquisition of BusinessWeek from McGraw-Hill Cos. Bloomberg paid $5 million in cash and Bloomberg also assumed certain liabilities, including unfulfilled subscription liabilities. “We share with McGraw-Hill a commitment to editorial excellence and we look forward to building on BusinessWeek’s 80-year tradition of great journalism,” said Bloomberg […]

Departing BW executive editor launches new media company

John Byrne, the executive editor of BusinessWeek who oversaw the magazine’s Web operations, launched his new media company Tuesday. It’s called C-Change Media Inc., and it will launch “online platforms in niche business areas.” On the company’s site, Byrne writes, “I passionately believe that the future of media is digital and that newcomers have tremendous […]

Charlie Rose to write BW column

Matthew Flamm of Crain’s New York reports that TV talk-show host Charlie Rose will begin writing a column for BusinessWeek once the magazine is acquired by Bloomberg LP. Flamm reports, “The column, which will debut in the Dec. 21 issue of the magazine, is being promoted almost as an extension of Mr. Rose’s nightly show. […]

BusinessWeek staffers to have one last drink, Bloomberg to throw party

TALKING BIZ NEWS EXCLUSIVE The deal by Bloomberg LP to acquire BusinessWeek magazine is expected to close on Tuesday, Dec. 1, so the BusinessWeek staff plans to have farewell drinks Monday night for the employees who won’t be moving to the new owner. Meanwhile, Bloomberg plans to throw a party on Tuesday to celebrate the […]

Why Bloomberg provides snacks

Keith Kelly of the New York Post writes about the reason that some BusinessWeek staffers think that their new owners, Bloomberg, provides snacks to its employees. Kelly writes, “A Bloomberg HR person was sent to address some of the surviving editors and writers of BusinessWeek, which is being bought by Mayor Mike Bloomberg‘s company, and welcome them […]

BW staffers remaining were "ineligible or not selected." Ugh

Former BusinessWeek staffer Gary Weiss laments the word choices used by McGraw-Hill in letting go 123 BusinessWeek editorial staff members as part of Bloomberg‘s acquisition of the magazine. Weiss writes, “The memo begins, ‘The positions selected for termination were those who did not receive an offer of a comparable or substitute job with Bloomberg L.P., […]

Executive editor Byrne decides to leave BusinessWeek

TALKING BIZ NEWS EXCLUSIVE John Byrne, the executive editor at BusinessWeek, has decided to leave the magazine when it is sold to Bloomberg LP. Bloomberg had earlier told the staff that Byrne would be retained, along with Ellen Pollock, the other executive editor. In an e-mail to the staff, Byrne writes, “After spending 22 years […]

The future contents of BusinessWeek

Former BusinessWeek staffer Gary Weiss writes that he has seen what the future content of the magazine will look like under Bloomberg LP’s ownership when he read a story on Andrew Cuomo, New York’s attorney general and a rising star in the Democratic party, describing how Cuomo took cash from lawyers with business before his […]

Let's not make BusinessWeek another Time

Reuters blogger Felix Salmon writes about the danger of turning into in the wake of the hiring of Josh Tyrangiel to be the magazine’s editor after his success in increasing visits and page views at the general interest magaizne. Salmon writes, “I’m an admirer of Tyrangiel too. But it would be depressing if […]