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Why LinkedIn is upping its audio and video content

October 19, 2022

Posted by Chris Roush

Daniel Roth, the editor in chief of LinkedIn, talked with Digiday’s Tim Peterson about its audio and video ambitions.

Peterson writes, “Under Roth, LinkedIn’s news division has been getting into producing more original content, from newsletters to podcasts and videos. In September, the platform announced the hire of former CNN executive Courtney Coupe to be its first head of original programming, which appears to portend the next phase of LinkedIn’s editorial ambitions, which were already raised earlier this year with the formation of the LinkedIn Podcast Network.

“‘The hiring of Courtney Coupe is designed to push us in a more professional way through creating original video and audio content,’ Roth said. ‘There are about 180 people on the editorial team at LinkedIn. But half that team comes from a business journalism background, and almost all of those who come from a business journalism background come from mostly writing. So it’s a text-heavy team. When you’re creating audio [and] creating video, there’s something unique about creating that content.'”

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