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The need for more diversity among biz reporters

December 15, 2022

Posted by Chris Roush

Dominic-Madori Davis

Dominic-Madori Davis, a senior reporter at TechCrunch, writes about the need for more diversity in tech and business journalism for Nieman Lab.

Davis writes, “Next year, I want to see the hiring and retention of diverse staff reporters — and I don’t mean just white women — who are then given platforms to not only cover the news of business and tech but also give opinions and analysis. The key here is putting these reporters on staff and granting them the same rights, opportunities, and privileges as white business reporters. This is not just for the sake of their own communities but for the sake of these industries overall.

“I believe this will help bring business moguls and tech barons to account more often. White business reporters tend to softball the white men in power, who make up most of the people they cover, and not until they’re forced to or it’s too late do they start to backtrack. It’s this benefit-of-a-doubt understanding that reinforces unchecked power. Furthermore, the same perspective is always chasing the same type of story.

“At times, it feels as if there’s a lack of accountability; that issues minority communities point out are either not taken seriously or take too long to land on the radar of those who make of the mainstream. Opening up a bit more will inspire new audiences and reach new hopes and dreams.”

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