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The Information launches pro service

February 22, 2023

Posted by Chris Roush

The Information founder Jessica Lessin announced Wednesday that it’s launched a new subscription called Information Pro that features expanded organizational charts, brand-new databases based on reporting, a new survey product and a specialized weekly newsletter.

A subscription to The Information is $399 a year. The Pro service is an additional $100 a year.

Lessin writes, “When I founded The Information nearly ten years ago, the internet was flooded with articles about tech companies. Most of them weren’t very good. Motivated to entertain readers and keep them clicking, publications weren’t taking technology companies and their businesses seriously nor thinking about them critically. That’s why I started The Information.

“Now, the quality over quantity problem has spread into a new domain: data. Numerous services—often specialized by vertical—are charging astronomical fees for access to data that does little to help those customers stand apart. And often, the data isn’t accurate. The rush for volume leads to shortcuts and errors. Verification is in short supply.

“Our newsroom feels this problem acutely. When we rely on these sources, we have to correct them. And so, over the years, we’ve built out our own tools based on something in too short supply: careful reporting with trusted and vetted sources. Those resources are what we are starting to share with you today.”

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