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How a tech journalist makes stories easy to understand

October 12, 2022

Posted by Chris Roush

Sabrina Ortiz

UNC-Chapel Hill journalism professor Andy Bechtel interviewed Sabrina Ortiz,  an associate editor at ZDNET, where she covers the intersection of technology and daily life, about her job.

Here is an excerpt:

Q. What do you find most interesting about the tech beat?

A. In all honesty, I was quite scared when I first learned about my assignment. Although I have always thought tech was “cool,” for lack of a better word, I always felt that the space was reserved for STEM people who understood the inner workings and technical details of the subject.

When I started working, I realized that couldn’t be the furthest from the truth! In the day and age we live in, technology surrounds us at all times. You yourself are a tech expert of sorts by simply using these innovations every day.

Do I sometimes run into things I have absolutely no idea about? Absolutely, but that’s the best part of my job! Because I lack the technical knowledge on some subjects, when I research and learn a new concept, I am able to put that information into words that everyone can understand. I like the idea that through my job I can make technology less scary to all and learn at the same time.

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