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How a Bloomberg breaking news editor focuses on fast

February 12, 2024

Posted by Chris Roush


Natalie Choy

Natalie Choy, a breaking news editor at Bloomberg News, talked about her job with The Muse.

Here is an excerpt:

What are you responsible for in your current role?

Speed and accuracy are key in my team. We’re responsible for putting headlines and stories on the wire in real-time as news breaks. This involves making split-second decisions on what would matter most to our clients. No two days are the same because of the sheer range of topics we cover. It’s a lot about learning how to be good at being a generalist.

What are you working on right now that excites or inspires you?

I am working towards building sharper news judgment and sending headlines out faster. It’s rewarding to break news faster than our key competitors (often a matter of seconds) and deliver the biggest news to our clients first! Starting a new job can be extremely daunting, especially as a young new hire. I was given the opportunity to join a six-month mentorship program (Reporter Advisory Board) in late 2022, where I worked on several enterprise stories with my assigned mentor in Tokyo. The program was instrumental to my early days at Bloomberg, as the weekly catch-ups with my mentor served as a safe space to discuss story ideas and share my personal struggles. Now, I try to do the same, albeit more informally, with some newer colleagues on the team. It’s inspiring to watch their confidence grow over time, just as mine did when I had those sessions with my mentor. I feel it’s important to have a strong peer support system in such a fast-paced work environment.

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