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FT starts central bank newsletter

October 17, 2023

Posted by Chris Roush

The Financial Times has launched “Chris Giles on Central Banks,” a weekly newsletter that will come out on Tuesdays.

Written by former economics editor Giles, it will cover money, interest rates, inflation and what central banks are thinking.

“Central banks provide the foundations of a modern economy, striving to maintain stable prices and ensure we avoid financial crises,” said Giles in a statement.  “There isn’t a more important building block for growth and prosperity. The newsletter will keep you informed about what central bankers are doing, thinking and saying. These are not always the same.”

The newsletter will primarily focus on the four big central banks – the European Central Bank, Federal Reserve, Bank of England and Bank of Japan – but will also cover other central banks from around the world.

It will highlight other central banking stories from the FT and elsewhere, and will complement two of the FT’s existing newsletters — Martin Sandbu’s “Free Lunch” and Alan Beattie’s “Trade Secrets.”


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