ShareSleuth posts second article; Cuban again short

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  1. heidi says:

    The Mark Cuban-backed blog seems to be doing a fine job lining his pockets at the expense of honest shareholders. Unfortunately, it appears alarmingly easy in this day and age to pump-down the value of one’s short position by hiring a blogger to tenuously string together a questionable “story” and conclude guilt by association. Cuban’s use of scare tactics to sway honest shareholders while attempting to sabotage the value creation of a promising technology transfer company like Utek should be a matter of concern to all. Morningstar’s Stock Grades on 11/03/06 for Utek are A+, B and C+. Why the disparity between Morningstar’s research and Cuban’s pseudo-investigative reporting? Seems Cuban and his blog-writer have a conflict of interest.

  1. October 26, 2006

    He’s baaaack…

    The Mark Cuban-financed site has uncorked another missive, which like the last time, exposes the alleged misdeeds of another small company in Cuban’s short-selling portfolio. This time the target is UTEK Corp., a Florida…

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