SABEW names Best in Business winners

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2 Responses

  1. heywood j says:

    i actually counted: 118 winners. ok, maybe i missed — since that is such a huge number.
    That doesn’t include the students — or the certificates of merit.

    Come on. 118 winners???? Isn’t that a bit too self-indulgent??? How about limiting the winners to ONE per category? And how about limiting the categories.

  2. Me too says:

    Yeah, it’s particularly ridiculous because about 20 papers are even eligible to compete in each of the top two circulation categories for ‘general excellence.’ I don’t know how many of those papers submitted entries, but fully 12 of those 40 were honored.

    12 of 40!

    So many of these contests strike me as just a way of luring people to the associated conventions.

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