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“Marketplace” seeks a reporter

May 25, 2017

Posted by Chris Roush

MarketplaceMarketplace has an opening for a general assignment and breaking news reporter with strong digital skills.

This position will preferably be based in a city in which Marketplace does not already have a reporter (i.e. not Los Angeles, New York or Washington DC).

This position will be either a Reporter I OR Reporter II-level position depending upon the most qualified candidate’s experience.

The Marketplace portfolio of broadcast and digital content is aimed at raising the economic intelligence of the country, helping explain a changing economic environment through the unorthodox story, a conversational approach, and a focus on distinctive angles on news.  An ability to identify the key players and synthesize multiple strands of any story is essential.

A Marketplace reporter should be able to write sharp, concise and accurate copy, for radio or digital, on very tight deadlines. Scripts and posts should illustrate trending ideas and analyze emerging patterns with smart interviews and innovative structures.

The general assignment reporter will report daily stories and features on subjects from corporate news to consumer behavior, housing to the changing workforce, macroeconomic trends to the financial markets.  Digital skills and ideas are required.  The ideal candidate is someone who has proven radio reporting abilities, and who has a passion for reporting business and financial news in Marketplace’s explanatory and accessible style.

The successful candidate will bring solid contacts and an ability to offer an insightful take on the business news of the day, in sound-rich packages, in live interviews, in long-form articles, and in timely digital posts. He/she will have mastered pitching original ideas in multiple formats across a variety of platforms.  He/she needs to be able to produce content for digital platforms and ideally has a presence in social media.

It’s an exciting time to join Marketplace.  We are an industry leader in telling meaningful and creative stories on the radio with close to 13 million listeners, and we’re evolving into a multi-media enterprise centered around the ambition of raising the economic intelligence of all Americans.

Marketplace is an ambitious shop, fueled by ambitious ideas.  This is a place of creativity and unorthodox thinking.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously, even though we understand the critical importance of people understanding how the economy shapes the world around us.

Position Responsibility:

  • Pitch and report ideas for daily spots, features and digital elements on the financial industry and other corporate sectors, for Marketplace shows and
  • Cover a variety of assignments and develop an area of expertise.
  • Produce for website with writing and photography (supplying additional audio, visual material, related Web resources).
  • Work on our early filer reporter for Marketplace Morning Report, as needed.
  • Deliver substantive reports quickly on varied subjects as shows need.
  • Ready to train to deliver live reports and host 2-ways.
  • Consistently deliver stories with Marketplace’s writing style and pace.
  • Develop ideas/proposals for reports and programs, both by the reporter and by other reporters, hosts and commentators.
  • Gather information and audio for reports and programs.
  • Report special projects/series.
  • Produce or assist in producing special programming, as assigned.
  • Operate production and studio equipment and facilities.
  • Assist other reporters, producers and editors with information.
  • Maintain a wide variety of sources.
  • Other duties as assigned, including meetings and other events.

Required Experience and Education:

  • BA degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Reporter I Level: 3+ years reporting or similar experience. Some national level experience preferred.


  • Reporter II Level: 5+ years reporting or similar experience, some at a national level.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

Reporter I Level:

  • Breadth of general industry knowledge.
  • Superlative oral and written skills with ability to deliver originality in writing.
  • Capacity to deliver quick turn-around reporting.
  • Experience producing digital content, and a desire to produce it.
  • Ability to develop stories with multiple interviews, scene changes and strong knowledge of subject matter.
  • Finds unexpected angles in stories, even in saturated topics.
  • Ability to deliver top-quality stories.
  • Ability to set fresh directions in stories.
  • Knowledge of various process approaches and necessary resources for a given project/assignment.
  • Demonstrated reporting and production skills.
  • Ability to maintain high journalistic standards under deadline pressure, including standards of balance and fairness.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Skill in creative use of sound, writing and story-telling.
  • Ability to develop mastery of all recording and production equipment and techniques.

Reporter II Level:

  • Ability to consistently deliver stories with program writing style and pace.
  • Develop signature sound of voice and writing.
  • Ability to handle broad variety of complex assignments.
  • Able to work simultaneously on short- and long-term projects.
  • Pitch original ideas and turn them into stories.
  • Depth of knowledge and experience within a specialization.
  • Ready to be trained to deliver live reports and host 2-ways. 

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Radio reporting experience
  • National reporting experience
  • Knowledge of specific industries
  • Digital production expertise

To apply, go here.

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