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Idaho Statesman seeks a business reporter

July 12, 2018

Posted by Chris Roush

The Idaho Statesman in Boise, Idaho, is seeking an aggressive journalist who can deliver exclusive reporting on the rapidly changing employment, cultural and economic landscapes in the Treasure Valley. The ideal candidate will be expected to move fast on breaking news while producing engaging enterprise that makes a difference in the lives of Idahoans.

The Treasure Valley is experiencing another period of explosive growth, and we’ll count on this reporter to explain how that growth affects where and how we work. Topics could include healthcare, government, jobs, housing and rental prices, traffic woes, and/or development, agriculture and new industry.

The best candidate will have a demonstrated commitment to fairness and accuracy, in fact and in tone, and a strong grounding in journalism ethics. And like all journalists at the Statesman, the reporter must have the desire and the skill to build audience loyalty, engagement and growth around compelling public service journalism.

At the Statesman, the reader comes first, last and always. Serving readers in a crowded media marketplace means becoming the best and most relevant source of journalism that matters to them — and ensuring that it reaches them wherever they are. This will require a keen understanding of what’s important to readers, developed through reporting on and familiarity with the region; through the use of reader analytics; and through a constant awareness of what people are sharing and talking about on social media.

This beat will require not just the ability to build sources and ferret out facts, but also a talent for framing, writing, shooting, producing and promoting a story via search and social media to ensure that it reaches and resonates with our readers. It will require a commitment to change — to constantly adapting to the ever-evolving ways in which readers seek out and interact with journalism. And it will require enthusiastic participation in ongoing conversations about what’s working and what’s not — and an equally enthusiastic commitment to adapting accordingly.

The ideal candidate would have several years of reporting experience with a news organization, but we would also consider those with deep internship experiences.

Please send story samples/or links and letter of interest to Editor Rhonda Prast at

Core competencies:

  • Strong reporting and writing skills; excellent news judgment
  • Writing for a digital audience
  • Unwavering commitment to accurate, ethical journalism
  • Fluency in the science of readership and engagement
  • Ability to tell stories using a variety of tools and platforms, including video
  • Enthusiasm for learning new skills and technologies
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including empathy and the ability to take and give constructive criticism
  • Comfort with a job that will be demanding, fast-paced, data-driven and constantly evolving

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