The pros/cons of pitching biz reporters through social media

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2 Responses

  1. zkouwe says:

    A PR pitch in 140 characters? Would love to see that…:)

  2. BizNewsReader says:

    I think every journalist is different, though pitching via Twitter still seems a bit much. Some journalists are friends with everyone in Facebook, some are friends with only true friends. As for the reporter who gets political on Facebook, beware. That stuff is easily copied and pasted, and that could embarrass you an your employer. Also, some journalists are not easy to find. You’d think they’d want their e-mail address well known, but it can take a half hour or more to figure it out. (In that time, a great tipster could have given up.) I think putting the address in Twitter is a great idea. When I can’t find someone’s address, I resort to LinkedIn and I’m not ashamed of that fact.

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