How not to Gawker yourself: What we can learn

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4 Responses

  1. steve says:

    Question: why is the line drawn between ‘reporting’ that X happened (Hogan had sex with his friend’s wife) and showing video of X happening?

    • Charles Glasser says:

      Privacy law recognizes a difference between “private fact” and imagery that itself is invasive. The most crude example would be that you *know* your parents had sex to create you, but would you really need to see pictures of your parents having sex to prove the point? Images have a more shocking impact.

      • Rick says:

        Mr. Glasser: Thank you for the excellent article. However, I have a not-so-minor quibble. Ut’s 1972 photo was not taken during a US attack. The attack was part of a South Vietnamese operation intended to push the Vietcong out of her village, and the child was burned when a pilot missed the target. No US forces were involved in any way at any time during the operation, and the only Americans involved (aside form the reporters) were the doctors who saved the child’s life. Facts here:

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