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Yahoo! needs to ditch personal finance columnist

February 24, 2007

Zac Bissonnette, writing on the BloggingStocks web site, argues that Yahoo! needs to drop columnist Robert Kiyosaki from its personal finance web site.

Robert KiyosakiBissonnette wrote, “I’m disappointed that Yahoo! has elected to put his column next to columns by respected experts. Yes, I know: He sells well. But a personal finance website should give its readers good advice: Advice that actually makes sense, from someone who knows what he’s talking about. Kiyosaki’s columns suffer from the same problem as his book.”

Later, he added, “Take Kiyosaki’s latest column for example (I won’t link to it because I wouldn’t want to expose any innocent person to this). He tells that he realized that bull market in real estate was over when the cashier at the grocery started to discuss the real estate market with him. Hmm…That sounds an awful lot like J.P. Morgan’s realization that the market was about to crash when a shoe-shine boy gave him a stock tip. Kiyosaki has such a nice collection of these sort of anecdotes that I can reach only one conclusion: He’s probably making them up.”

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