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WSJ reporter on Thurman stalker jury

May 7, 2008

Emily Steel, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, writes Wednesday about what it was like being on the jury hearing the case of the man who was stalking movie star Uma Thurman.

Uma ThurmanSteel writes, “Monday night, the characters in the trial seeped into my dreams. I was talking with Ms. Thurman, although — as is the case with dreams — I can’t recall precisely what we were discussing. Walking down the street, in my dream, I saw Mr. Jordan stroll by.

“Tuesday morning, when we reconvened, a couple of my fellow jurors said they woke up sick to their stomachs. Another burst into the room saying he’d seen the drawings sketched by the court artists, and that they’d done a good job depicting us.

“We worked at a table scattered with Entenmann’s donuts, Sun Chips and baked Cheetos. And red Twizzlers, which I brought.

“When we had first assembled in the early days of the trial, which started a week ago Monday, I knew only a little bit about my fellow jurors. All of us had gone through the usual jury-selection process, in which we described our jobs, our neighborhoods and other personal details. We were New Yorkers, the people I sit next to on the subway and pass on the sidewalk.”

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