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WSJ ME Brauchli responds to Ignatius column

August 7, 2007

Posted by Chris Roush

Wall Street Journal managing editor Marcus Brauchli responded Monday to a column in the Washington Post by David Ignatius, writing that Ignatius uses selective memory when recounting his time at the Journal.

Marcus BrauchliBrauchli wrote, “Belying his nostalgia-tinged recollections is the Journal’s continuing string of Pulitzer Prizes — we’ve won more since he left than while he was here or before — including two this spring, one the public service award for exposing the backdating of stock options.

“Even easier to debunk is Mr. Ignatius’s baffling claim that the offbeat front-page story we call the ‘Ahed’ has ‘disappeared.’ It is there every single day, just as it always has been, and hasn’t missed a day since Mr. Ignatius left. Nor have we cut back on the number of in-depth Page 1 stories we run; in fact, we’ve rearranged the front page and added a story most days.

“We will be happy to provide a complimentary subscription to the Journal, in print or online or both, so Mr. Ignatius can get reacquainted with us.”

Ouch. Read more here.

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