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Wired’s Goode: Inspired by her coworkers

September 3, 2020

Posted by Chris Roush

Lauren Goode

Wired senior editor Lauren Goode, who hosts its Get Wired podcast, talked with Zocalo about her job.

Here is an excerpt:

Q: What’s the last thing that inspired you?
A: Just before this phone call I was on an internal meeting within WIRED where a bunch of colleagues and I were talking about some of the profiles that the magazine has done over the past year or so, and we broke down our process for writing profiles and writing feature-length stories for the magazine. We do this from time to time internally. Sometimes we’re examining our own work, and sometimes we’re pulling work from other journalists at other publications, and talking about it and talking about what inspired us. It sounds like a line, but I’m really inspired by what my colleagues do.
Q: What recent story are you most proud of reporting?
A: A conversation with Al Gore that ran as a Q&A in WIRED. My colleague Adam Rogers and I talked to Vice President Gore in early July on the ways in which he’s looking [at] big policy answers to hard global problems. And of course one of the things that Al Gore has been focused on is sustainability and climate issues, and I found it to be a really interesting conversation, in particular in the context of what’s happening now, because climate issues fall down the priority list as people are thinking about more important, immediate problems we need to address right now, like health and healthcare, and racism and inequality, and all of these other incredibly pressing issues we’re facing as a society. But climate change is also a pretty dire situation and interrelated to those issues.
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