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Wired brings back "Found"

September 24, 2008

Noah Davis of FishbowlNY reports that Wired magazine has brought back its popular “Found” feature on the back page after a two-month hiatus.

Wired magazineDavis reports, “In July, Wired deputy editor Thomas Goetz told FishbowlNY that the magazine was working on a new back page feature to replace the six-year staple ‘Found.’ After a two-month hiatus — during which time a Sony ad ran in its place — the back page feature is back… and it looks remarkably like the old one. In fact, according to Goetz, it’s ‘Found’ all over again, with a few minor improvements:

The acclaim for ‘Found’ was pretty extraordinary. We got hundreds of letters, phone calls, telegrams, all bemoaning the page’s disappearance. Not one to ignore the wisdom of the crowd, we decided to give it another run, this time with a twist: the future is your responsibility. Every month we’ll offer a scenario for readers to take their shot at envisioning. They can upload their vision to wired.com/wired/found and vote on the best efforts. We’ll take our favorites, dress them up, and publish them in a later issue.

“It’s either a victory for the Wisdom of the Crowd or mob mentality, but regardless, we give Wired credit for listening. Now, since you asked for it, your first challenge: ‘The future of the McDonald’s Happy Meal.'”

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