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Why Fast Company TV is different than other TV biz news

March 4, 2008

Robert Scoble of Fast Company magazine writes about how the publication’s new online TV operation will be different than other TV business news operations such as CNBC and Fox Business Network.

Fast CompanyScoble wrote, “So, why do another business video network? For a few reasons:

#1 FastCompany.TV is designed solely for the Internet. So what? Well, this means we’ll do content that was designed to be viewed on a Web browser. Differences? We can go much longer so that you get depth that’s impossible when you repurpose TV-oriented content. I was on CNBC recently and they usually only give you two or three minutes on air. That’s simply not enough time for you to get deep into a story or understand an executive’s real motivations. In fact, I’ve been on TV many times and they usually care more about whether you’re entertaining than whether you’re actually delivering real information.

#2 We’re going to be a bit boring. If you want excitement, maybe you should watch Jim Cramer’s Mad Money on CNBC. He throws chairs. Yells at the camera. Plays sound effects. Has an always moving camera. Has great music and graphics. But here? You won’t see many of those things. But if you want deep, intimate conversations with business innovators, this is the place for you.

#3 We’ll soon bring you the stories behind Fast Company‘s articles. The journalists at Fast Company magazine get some really great stories, but even there they are limited to about 5,000 words. Sometimes you’ll want to know more, and we’ll take you there.”

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