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Who is writing the Forbes' tell-all book?

December 4, 2009

Jeff Bercovici of The Daily Finance has an idea as to who among the former Forbes editors and writers is writing a book about the magazine and its owners.

Bercovici writes, “Asked about the book, various Forbes insiders, past and present, pointed fingers at former managing editor Stewart Pinkerton, who departed the magazine in March after nearly 20 years there. While Pinkerton’s far from the only long-serving editor to depart in recent waves of downsizing, he’s one of very few in a position to know details of a feud among the Forbes brothers, said to be the book’s subject. ‘To write a book about the family, you’d have to be someone of Stewart’s stature,’ says one source. ‘Without having that level of access, it’d be pretty superficial.’

“Pinkerton also has sufficient motivation for doing something that will surely be seen as an act of disloyalty toward his former employers. While his exit was cast as a retirement, former colleagues say it wasn’t a voluntary one. ‘He wasn’t too happy about being laid off,’ says one. (Not that that kind of motivation is in short supply at Forbes these days, or anywhere else in the publishing world.) And, unlike those who were let go in October’s heavy bloodletting, Pinkerton has been out long enough that any nondisclosure/nondisparagement agreement he signed as part of his severance package either has expired or will have by the time he’s done writing.

“Asked whether he is indeed the mystery author, Pinkerton said only, ‘I’ve been working on a book project for the last year, but I’m not at liberty to discuss what it’s about.'”

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