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When companies use the business media to promote themselves

August 27, 2007

Posted by Chris Roush

Maybe it’s due to the uncertainty in the markets in the past few weeks, but I’m noticing an increase in companies issuing press releases mentioning the fact that they have been mentioned in the financial press, which is a sure sign of a business trying to drum up more positive coverage.

There’s a number of press releases out Monday from companies listed on the latest Inc. 500 list. See examples here, here, here and here.

There’s also a bevy of releases out from companies who have made other business publication lists, such as the Movers & Shakers. See here.

Then there’s the press release that companies release when their CEO is going to appear in the media. See here, here and here. Note that some of these are pink sheet stocks. And, of course, there are some business media outlets who will promote their “exclusive” interviews with CEOs, like this one for Tuesday.

Then there are universities that issue press releases about their rankings in business magazines. See here.

And then there’s the press release that states that the company has filed an SEC filing. Read here.

Is this a sign of anything? A drop in the stock market? The pending apocalypse? More important, why does the business media allow itself to be used like this by such companies?

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