What will the happy biz media do in the future?

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  1. Nan Connolly says:

    I can’t respond to Ms. Kantrow’s comments about how the economy is portrayed on the Fox biz channel as I am too cheap to pay for cable and don’t watch it. But disagree that Smart Money magazine shoots and misses on its inheritance cover story. It’s no secret that baby boomers stand to inherit a combined windfall estimated into the 10 figures from WW II era parents. My mom passed away four years ago next week, having been raised in the Depression by a widowed mother who never owned property or even a car. To call mom frugal would be an understatement and her estate reflected this propensity to save. I for one appreciated the coverage of this topic in Smart Money, to which I subscribe. I also recommend “The Wise Inheritor” by Ann Perry. Those of us who have buried both parents and have navigated life insurance, probate and estate sales would hardly refer to the experience as “cheery.” Mainly owing to real estate appreciation, many boomers will find surprisingly large estates left by parents whose middle-class lifestyles were modest. My inheritance is invested in mutual funds that will some day pass onto my girls. Would that it bought one more year with a loving grandma whom they barely recall.

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