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What Quartz needs to do to survive

November 11, 2020

Posted by Erica Thompson

Jacob Cohen Donnelly of A Media Operator writes about what financial news site Quartz needs to do to survive now that it has been sold to a group led by its CEO.

Donnelly writes, “Second, and this expands on the previous few paragraphs, but Quartz needs to make a decision. Is it going to become far bigger—which will require a lot of resource—or is it going to go much leaner and more focused?

“Being stuck in the middle, where you’re not big enough to compete with other general business publications, but also not small enough to keep costs down is a recipe for disaster.

“My advice? Go smaller and become far more focused.

“In the statement, Seward said, ‘even before this tumultuous year began, an important debate had emerged about the purpose of companies and their obligations to society…’ He also said, ‘we believe companies should solve real problems without creating new ones.’

“If that’s the focus, then it needs to cut everything that doesn’t fit within that. This will then allow it to refocus all of its editorial resource on that type of content.”

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