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Weekly “Get Wired” podcast starts Monday

July 18, 2020

Posted by Chris Roush

Lauren Goode of Wired writes about its new weekly podcast, “Get Wired.”

Goode writes, “Each week, we’ll take our listeners behind the scenes of our most compelling, dystopian, and encouraging stories. We’ll explore the bizarre world of neighborhood watch apps and the people who rush to the scenes to livestream crimes from their phones. We’ll dive into the history of surveillance technology and expose the deep-rooted racism at its core. We’ll cover stories about climate change, entertainment in a post-pandemic world, and the geopolitical issues at the heart of spats over TikTok. We’ll talk to the world’s leading experts in epidemiology, airborne particles, artificial intelligence, space exploration, and more.

“We’re well aware that we’re asking people to listen to yet another podcast when they’re trying to hold down jobs, homeschool their kids, keep family members healthy, and manage all the other stressors of living through a pandemic. So why now? And why Get WIRED?

“Our answer is that now is exactly the right time to share these stories and hear these voices. We’re launching a podcast because WIRED’s journalism is informed by decades of knowledge about the world of technology, and we believe we can help demystify what’s happening in this world. It’s because here at WIRED, we always try to keep an eye—or in this case, an ear—cocked toward the future, and it’s going to take a whole lot of work to ensure it’s a safe, thriving, and more equitable one. So let’s get to work.”

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