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Washington Post's stock pages

January 25, 2006

In an online discussion today, Shirley Carswell, assistant managing editor for planning and administration at The Washington Post, was asked whether the newspaper was considering getting rid of its stock tables like other newspapers, such as the Chicago Tribune, Denver Post and Providence Journal have announced in recent weeks.

Her reply implies that this is unlikely to happen at the Post.

Here is the part of the transcript:

Washington, D.C.: Do you see The Post following in the Chicago Tribune’s footsteps and getting rid of stock tables? It seems like a huge expense in terms of newsprint for something few people use. If you’re young enough to read the tiny type, you’re probably checking your stocks online.

Shirley Carswell: We are constantly looking at all aspects of the paper to see where we can make better use of valuable newsprint. The stocks pages still seem to have a substantial following, although I agree many people use the Web for that now.”

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