Wall Street Journal offering free Sunday content to papers

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  1. David Crook says:


    An update: Six papers took us up on our offer.

    We deliverd a two-page special edition of The Wall Street Journal Sunday on Friday night to the Manchester (NH) Union-Leader, the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch, the Los Angeles Daily News, the News-Gazette in Champaign-Urbana, Ill., and the Idaho Statesman in Boise.

    We also received inqueries from a number of other papers interested in subscribing to our weekly section.

    I think just about everyone saw your write up. Thanks so much for your attention.

    David Crook
    The Wall Street Journal Sunday

  2. Don Wyatt says:

    Didn’t get the message or the offer, but would like to run the info. Anyway to publish the info mid-week?

    Don Wyatt, editor
    Springfield News-Leader

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