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Too much Buffett in biz media

March 2, 2010

Stanley Bing, the Fortune magazine columnist now contributing to TheStreet.com, writes about the oversaturation of billionaire investor Warren Buffett in the business media.

Bing writes, “I read about him over the weekend in New York Magazine online, in regards to how funny he was in his rightly heralded annual letter. New York Magazine is a very tough sell, by the way. They’re no creampuffs.

“But they like Warren. Elsewhere, his smiling, genial face is also on the cover of Business Week — oh, excuse me, BLOOMBERG Business Week. He’s also on Fortune.com today, in an extensive article on all matters Buffettian.

“And let’s not forget about a similar lengthy exercise on our direct competitor, the online business arm of a once-great network now fallen into sad disrepair. He’s also on its cable television network, which is dedicated to real-time business information and state-of-the-art graphics. More Buffett, this time wandering about in a crowd somewhere and getting something pinned to his lapel. He looks a bit lost, but happy.

“Always happy. Doesn’t worry about the economy. In things for the long haul. Nothing to get too excited about. Things are improving, but slowly. That’s Warren. In there, year after year, making the game look easy and fun.”

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