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Those are fighting words

June 25, 2007

Posted by Chris Roush

Sam Schulman, publishing director of the new business magazine The American, took a swipe Monday at one of the established competitors, Fortune, and the cover story of its latest issue.

Fortune magazineSchulman wrote, “Fortune, for example, has been hiring editors and writers with a strong anti-business and anti-free-market bias.

“The cover story on Hilary Clinton is only the latest illustration of what is happening in American business journalism.

“By contrast, the upcoming issue of The American carries articles on the resurgence of Japan, which has used American business and economic ideas to make a stunning comeback; on what business can do to help fix education (stop backing a system that doesn’t work, smash the regulations, and support entrepreneurs will will shake things up); on how Microsoft is trying to woo college students away from investment banking and toward computer science. and on a young African-American economist at Harvard who is courageous enough to tackle subjects that frighten off his colleagues.

“Yes, we write about politicians – our piece back in November on Mitt Romney showed how he will use his venture-capital experience if he’s elected. We weren’t shy about listing the 10 most economically literate members of Congress: six Republicans and four Democrats.

“But NEVER will you find us touting a presidential candidate on our cover.”

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