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The power of kindness from Entrepreneur editor Jason Feifer

December 17, 2018

Posted by Chris Roush

Jason Feifer

Carlee Lloyd, a blogger, writes about her interactions with Entrepreneur editor in chief Jason Feifer.

Lloyd writes, “Two days ago I sent a shamefully weak pitch to his inbox, but instead of getting a normal form rejection, or worse, pure silence, I received some serious constructive feedback about what I was doing wrong. Without his straightforward response, it may have taken me years to realize I needed to show instead of just tell. By being kind, he had become part of the solution to the sickness that had plagued my writing career.

“So, what did Jason teach me about the power of kindness?

It Fosters Loyalty and Builds Your Tribe

“I had long been a reader of Entrepreneur Magazine both on and offline, but my loyalty to the company and to Jason grew beyond measure the moment I was able to identify with him as a human being. Putting a real person behind the work made it relatable, and it made me want to celebrate his successes as my own. If you’re looking to grow your brand, business or community, start by looking directly in front of you. How can you be more kind to your network? How can you show them the human behind the computer screen?”

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